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About Us

“The ability to understand and communicate in other languages is increasingly important in our society and in the global economy. Languages contribute to the cultural and linguistic richness of our society, to personal fulfilment, mutual understanding, commercial success and international trade and global citizenship.”

Catherine Ashton


Our Mission is to promote languages as a means to international friendship and cultural exchange with educational and business opportunities.

Our Vision is to assist the people and economy of Torbay to grow and prosper. We believe the beautiful maritime location of the English Riviera with its increasing international reputation and all its recreational and educational facilities is the ideal spot for language learning.  With planning and foresight, Torbay has the genuine potential to become a global venue for language training with a reputation for being “The Best in the West”.

ALC is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your language needs – whether it be a crash Spanish holiday course of 1 week or a difficult business trip to Mongolia or the middle of Siberia. We really do have the expertise to do both – try us.

Our ability to do this arises from our use of native speakers with international experience of 2 or 3 languages and being linguists. All our tutors are sympathetic to cross-cultural difficulties and are flexible and friendly.

Our courses can be tailor-made to your personal requirements – from 1 week to 1 year and at any level, from Beginners holiday requirements, to examinations, Business and Advanced Technical.

We are flexible and approachable with facilities from one to one up to classes of eight students at each session.

Your language is our Business.

ALC staff  have experienced living in many parts of the world and have travelled widely. This has enabled a world-wide network of contacts and agents to be established to give international students advice and support in their own language before leaving Home – whether it be Prague, Moscow, Berlin or Caracas.

We sponsor foreign students on a regular basis to come to UK to study English plus a speciality with all the expenses paid re Fares, Accommodation and Tuition – as a good-will gesture in the interests of International Friendship and Cultural Exchange.

Our project this year is bringing 2 students from Tomsk (Siberia) to Torbay for a 3-weeks course in English + Business during July and August as guests of Atlas Language Centre.

Learning other languages gives us insight into the people, culture and traditions of other countries, and helps us to understand our own language and culture.

In the knowledge society of the 21st century, language competence and intercultural understanding are not optional extras, they are an essential part of being a citizen. Language skills are also vital in improving understanding between people here and in the wider world, and in supporting global citizenship by breaking down barriers of ignorance and suspicion between nations.





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